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Auditions for Oklahoma: 

Saturday, April 13th at 2:00pm

Sunday April 14th at 4:00pm 

at West Carteret High School in Morehead City NC.  

Video auditions may be submitted to NO LATER than April 13th! 

Director: Katie Dixon

Producer: Ann Walker

Music Director: Craig Everett

Choreographer: Ariana Guzman

Auditions for CCT's  Production, "Oklahoma." will take place as West Carteret High School on April 13th beginning at 2:00 p.m. and April 14th beginning at 4:00pm The ending time will be determined by turnout. You do NOT have to come to both auditions, unless you want to or you are asked to come back.  We will be casting a large ensemble, including *some* children. Come prepared to dance!!!

Video auditions may be submitted to NO LATER than April 13th!

Show dates are July 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, & 28. 

               **Character Breakdown**
Curly McLain

Male Lead - Baritone - Adult - Dancer

Voice: Baritone - HIGH NOTE: F#4/Gb4  - LOW NOTE: C3


Female Lead - Soprano - Adult - Dancer- Soprano - HIGH NOTE: A5 LOW NOTE: C4 (Middle C)

Ado Annie

Female Lead - Mezzo-Soprano - Young Adult/Adult - HIGH NOTE:  A5 - LOW NOTE:C4 (Middle C)

Will Parker

Male Lead - Tenor - Young Adult/Adult - Dancer - HIGH NOTE: F4 - LOW NOTE: D#3/Eb3

Aunt Eller

Female Supporting - Mezzo-Soprano - Mature Adult/Elderly - Dancer - Tenor - HIGH NOTE: F4 - LOW NOTE: D#3/Eb3

Jud Fry

Male Supporting - Baritone - Adult/Mature Adult - Non-Dancer - HIGH NOTE: C#4/Db4 -


Ali Hakim

Male Supporting 

Baritone - Adult/Mature Adult - Non-Dancer - HIGH NOTE: D5 - LOW NOTE: F3

Andrew Carnes

Male Supporting 

Baritone - Mature Adult/Elderly - Non-Dancer - HIGH NOTE: F4 - LOW NOTE: F3

Gertie Cummings

Female Featured - Spoken/Non-Singing - Young Adult/Adult 

Cord Ellam

Male -Ensemble - Baritone


Curly: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Surrey with the fringe on top
Beginning -1:07

Laurey: Many a New Day
Out of your dreams

Ado Annie: I cant say no
Beginning- 1:30

Jud: Lonely Room

Will Parker: Kansas City
Beginning- 1:17

All other Female Roles & Female Ensemble: Many a New Day

All other Male Roles & Male ensemble: It’s a Scandal!
1:35- 2:00

ALL (Including kids!)


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